New video with Camilla La Vie!

I love working with the Camilla La Vie team and bringing their dresses and ideas to life. They created a cool live action comic book / fashion shoot and coincided with this video. We shot at the Oheka Castle and I was fascinated by it’s rich history and magnificent design. It’s always a joy to film projects at picturesque locations because it makes the shot that much better, plus I have a decent place to take selfies :P

Fun Branded Content for Clack That Fan

I love directing talented artists from all fields of creativity such as the variety of movements that utilize a fan. Always thought of a fan as just another way to cool yourself off on a hot day, yet my friends above have opened my eyes to the various uses of a fan not only for today but also since the ancient days of warfare and self-defense. This is in collaboration with Clack That Fan and I’m delighted to have such an open-minded partner that is interested in expanding their audience into different verticals with diverse content.

Short narrative piece I directed, produced, and edited for The Asylum!

When I first found my passion in film-making, it was when I borrowed my parents’ camcorder to create a video for my high school Spanish class. From there, I continued to use the camcorder to direct shot pieces and music videos with my family and friends because I loved the feeling of capturing images and audio to tell stories. Fast forward to my college years at UC Santa Barbara, and I began my journey as a filmmaker, learning about the theory of cinema while producing films with my classmates. After graduating, I was pushed into the entertainment industry without any “real world” training on the development, pitching, and general Hollywood industry process so my creative fire began to sizzle out. Grinding out each day to sell scripts, exhausting myself while schmoozing 24/7, and pitching projects I had no creative input on drained me of my passion for cinema and storytelling, until Youtube came along.

I then bought myself a Canon T3i, started filming again, built a Youtube channel around my love for Hip Hop, and cultivated my skills through a lot of trial and error. It was through digital content and media that I found my passion for film-making and storytelling again, and as I expanded my media and marketing business more as an entrepreneur, my skills as an artist also began to enhance as stories are now that best way to captivate and engage an audience.

With that all being said, this is my first narrative short film that I’ve directed with a r crew that I’m very proud of. Our budget, time constraints, and resources were limited and we were still able to create an immense amount of content, including 3 short vignettes that tell the story of The Asylum.

This video is about Hannah Donovan and her first briefing with the Angel, Maggie, who is the Warden of the Asylum and enlists Donovan along with a motley crew of spirits to hunt down 29 dangerous rogue souls that have escaped purgatory. You can read and learn more about the story at and on social media at @theasylum11.

Thanks for watching!

An Instagram Account with a Sci-Fi Story told through content

I’m pleased to announce a new webseries and project that I’m directing, producing, and developing the content strategy on that has a new twist on the idea of purgatory. THE ASYLUM is a story about an organization between heaven and hell that decides whether souls go to heaven or hell. Written by my friend David O’Neil, the story follows a lost soul named Hannah Donovan and her search for her late fiance while taking on the role of soul bounty hunter for the Warden of the Asylum, Maggie.

I’m so happy that I was able to work with a talented crew to create a variety of content on a single shoot day to build a world on Social Media through photos, videos, gifs, and blogs. I’ve always wanted to create a property that transcends traditional media and utilizes the full extent of today’s storytelling platforms that includes digital. I directed and edited this teaser and will be releasing 2 more narrative videos soon so please visity for more info and stay tuned for more content!

New Infuse Spirits Founders Video

Every year, I have the pleasure of working with Seth (the founder of the all natural infusion company Infuse Spirits) on creating videos for his company to tell his story and feature his new products. This is our updated video with new bottle designs and his new line of bitters. I’m always impressed with how much he grows every year and how we both help each other expand in our crafts. Support him at !

Got certified for Sale Enablement through Hubspot!

I'm grateful that Hubspot offers free education online for various topics which are relevant for today's business environment and ever-changing marketing landscape.  Sales Enablement is the process of streamlining the marketing and sales workflow so that MQL's and clients are informed, managed, and educated properly to guide them through a sale and keep them as a satisfied and loyal customer.  The idea of having marketing teams and materials in sync with sales agents and departments allows for a smooth customer journey.  As an entrepreneur, it's hard to fit in an hour a day to learn and watch tutorials, and I've found that it's actually crucial for business owners to sharpen their skills both on their craft and business development.  I'm thanksful to Hubspot for allowing me to learn through their educational platform at no cost while giving me quality education to enhance my knowledge base and skills as a content strategist and consultant. 

Video for Scrappys Bitters

I had the pleasure of working with Milli Agency to create a cool video with Jason Yu and Scrappy's Bitters.   I love working with other creative artists in different fields along with progressive brands that believe in the power of social content and video.  It was fun creating this piece with Jason since we had to make his apartment look like a mini-bar while still capturing his personality in his surroundings.  He's a talented mixologist that was very humble despite his big following on Instagram, which made the experience smooth and fun.  

I used the Panasonic GH5s, Beholder Gimbal, and a few lenses to create the video and feel that we were able to create something awesome for the amount of time we had.  Hope you enjoy this piece and please support my friends at Milli Agency, Jason Yu, and Scrappy's Bitters!

Filmed for Spotify and Top Dawg Entertainment!

I was so happy when I was hired to film for Spotify and BWG for the Jay Rock pop-up concert in downtown LA. I'm a big Jay Rock fan and love his music, so to be able to interview him and film him up close on stage with Top Dawg Entertainment artists Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad, Sza, and Sir was a blessing and experience I won't forget. 

Teaching for Youtube and Google in Indonesia

180713_brand jam jakarta creators.JPG

I was blessed to be asked to help coordinate and execute the Youtube/Google Brand Jam in Jakarta, Indonesia with CreatorUp.  For weeks leading up to the event, I was meeting with brand representatives over Google Hangout and Chat to onboard them for an event that would put them in a room full of Youtube Creators eager to work with them.  It would be a "Shark Tank" like setting where creators would pitch their channels and ideas according to a creative brief written by the Brands to establish a collaborative environment where both sides could learn more about the branded content creation process.  

The day came when I had to hop on the plane to endure the 20+ hour trip to Jakarta and meet the brands and Youtube executives in person to fully prepare for the big event.  I landed in Jakarta and walked straight into a meeting after checking into my hotel, leaving no time in between for me to rest and think about which landmark I'd like to add to my Instagram feed.  For 2 days, I worked tirelessly with the CreatorUp and Youtube teams to produce an action-packed workshop that would be the first ever in the region.

Brand Jam finally came and it was a success.  Creators loved what we taught them and the Brands were ecstatic with the pitches they received.  Both sides learned a lot about each other and the best practices on how to communicate, pitch, and network.  I have to give many thanks to the CreatorUp team for the opportunity, as well as our local experts that helped us translate our materials and teachings into Bahasa, while establishing strong relationships with the attendees.  Youtube loved our work and the outcome of the workshop, and already asked for a follow up event later this year.

After Brand Jam, I also took the time to travel to Bali where I was able to spend a few days recovering in the sun.  Watch my videos below to see the beautiful landscape and culture of Bali, and how I was able to regain my energy on the lovely Island.  

Lightning in A Bottle "The Bottle" Recap video

My summer kicked off with an incredible start with a fun project at Lightning In A Bottle with Zach Dragovich and his amazing installation "The Bottle."  My Rave Train team and I filmed a recap video and organized the official afterparties for the installation to bring together the wildest gathering at the festival.

New dance series on Strife with Flipz Entertainment and Rave Train!

I produced, directed, and edited a brand new original series on Strife TV called DROP-IN SESSIONS in collaboration with Flipz Entertainment and Rave Train TV.  This is the first episode with Dj Lean Rock and a group of amazing dancers that bring movement to sound with a freestyle dance performance with a live music mix!

Creating content for Amy's Kitchen, Tapatio, and other food brands!

I've found myself producing a lot of content for food and alcohol brands over the last couple of years so it's only fitting that I've begun working with Foodeez and their clients with directing digital content for various food brands.  This Amy's Kitchen video is one of may I've created over the past few weeks and is the beginning of a portfolio of digital food content that I will be releasing the next year.

New Video Series for Stella Rosa!

I love this new style that we brought to Stella Rosa's cocktail recipes since it brings our more of a cinematic looks rather than the regular top-down "Tasty" videos.  The Director of Photography, Tony Huong, did an excellent job capturing the different details that go into mixing a drink.  Though drink recipes can be seen as fleeting social media pieces, I've found them to be little commercials and music video within themselves that helps me evolve my craft.  

Big thanks to the Stella Rosa team for always being on point with pre-production and overall design.  More videos in the series to come over the next couple of weeks :)

CAL JAM 2018 Recap video

When my friend Woody asked me to film the Foo Fighters at CAL JAM 2018, I jumped on the opportunity and was filled with excitement.  I'm a huge Foo fan and remember listening to their album "The Colour and the Shape" when I was in High School.  It was nostalgic and inspiring to watch them alongside other fantastic bands, so it was definitely an honor to see them post this on their official Youtube channel as well :)