Making videos with babies and parents for Grabease

I’d like to think of myself as a versatile filmmaker and videographer. Creating this video for Grabease was a challenge because it was my first time working with babies. They’re tough to work with and don’t follow directions as often as you like, though their cuteness makes up for the temper tantrums and frustrated takes. I enjoyed working with Grabease and making content outside of my usual genres, and learned a lot from the process. I feel that it’s important to explore other industries and communities when using your craft as it creates a challenge that forces you to adapt and gain new skills. These baby products are also very useful and I’m sure that one of these days when I’m a parents, I’ll be using my own.

Boxing video with Tiffany Toney

I love boxing and martial arts so it’s a pleasure to be able to create this video with my friend, Tiffany Toney. We met at the Youtube Space and connected on our passion for boxing, fitness, and content. I first got interested in filmmaking because of Martial Arts films so it seems only fitting that I now am creating more action content. My goal is to create boxing and fight documentaries for HBO, UFC, DAZN, and other companies because I feel that as a fighter, I can produce visual pieces that would interest fight enthusiasts and video buffs. I’m currently working on a martial arts short film that I’m excited to develop and direct, while continuing to contact fighters to capture their stories. I feel that it’s important to work on projects with subjects that you connect with and the sweet science is in my blood.

Always love creating Bboy content for my channel Strife TV

My roots in digital content started on Strife TV. When I felt my creativity being hindered at my 9-5 job, I took the initiative to create a Youtube channel with my friends that would document the Breakdancing and Hip Hop culture. Today, it has over 156k subscribers and a global following, and has allowed me to work with top brands, travel the world, and teach for Google. I’m grateful for the community that’s been built around Strife over the past 11 years. I’ve seen children grow up watching our videos to now become world renowned competitors, and dancers I admire become close friends. Strife allowed me to fully express myself through video without the limitations of brands, companies, or outside authorities. That freedom has given me opportunities to explore innovative camera and editing techniques, and access to the best camera and lighting equipment on the market today. I always go back to Strife whenever I feel I need a creative fix and freedom to create what’s on my mind, while being able to fully engross myself into the Hip Hop culture.

Creating content for the Vermont College of Fine arts

Traveling to Vermont during the winter was a cold yet delightful excursion. I had a chance to create a series of videos that highlighted the many MFA programs that the Vermont College of Fine Arts has to offer and connect with teachers within those fields. It was fascinating to hear about the low residency programs and the different format that they have for their graduate degrees. Visiting campus only twice a year and studying remotely to earn your Masters in Fine Arts. I learned a lot and made a few friends, it was a pleasure being able to surround myself with intelligent people and passionate artists that are motivated to share their knowledge.

More food content with Nest Fresh and Tapatio

I love making this style of food content for Foodeez because it gives it a more cinematic and commercial feel over top down videos. I’m a fan of shooting with the Sony FS7 and the color space impresses me every time I edit in post. The camera has its quirk yet when you have the right lighting, Kino Flo’s and Litemats for this, then it makes it easier to control.

New Infuse Spirits Founders Video

Every year, I have the pleasure of working with Seth (the founder of the all natural infusion company Infuse Spirits) on creating videos for his company to tell his story and feature his new products. This is our updated video with new bottle designs and his new line of bitters. I’m always impressed with how much he grows every year and how we both help each other expand in our crafts. Support him at !

Video for Scrappys Bitters

I had the pleasure of working with Milli Agency to create a cool video with Jason Yu and Scrappy's Bitters.   I love working with other creative artists in different fields along with progressive brands that believe in the power of social content and video.  It was fun creating this piece with Jason since we had to make his apartment look like a mini-bar while still capturing his personality in his surroundings.  He's a talented mixologist that was very humble despite his big following on Instagram, which made the experience smooth and fun.  

I used the Panasonic GH5s, Beholder Gimbal, and a few lenses to create the video and feel that we were able to create something awesome for the amount of time we had.  Hope you enjoy this piece and please support my friends at Milli Agency, Jason Yu, and Scrappy's Bitters!

Lightning in A Bottle "The Bottle" Recap video

My summer kicked off with an incredible start with a fun project at Lightning In A Bottle with Zach Dragovich and his amazing installation "The Bottle."  My Rave Train team and I filmed a recap video and organized the official afterparties for the installation to bring together the wildest gathering at the festival.

Creating content for Amy's Kitchen, Tapatio, and other food brands!

I've found myself producing a lot of content for food and alcohol brands over the last couple of years so it's only fitting that I've begun working with Foodeez and their clients with directing digital content for various food brands.  This Amy's Kitchen video is one of may I've created over the past few weeks and is the beginning of a portfolio of digital food content that I will be releasing the next year.

New Video Series for Stella Rosa!

I love this new style that we brought to Stella Rosa's cocktail recipes since it brings our more of a cinematic looks rather than the regular top-down "Tasty" videos.  The Director of Photography, Tony Huong, did an excellent job capturing the different details that go into mixing a drink.  Though drink recipes can be seen as fleeting social media pieces, I've found them to be little commercials and music video within themselves that helps me evolve my craft.  

Big thanks to the Stella Rosa team for always being on point with pre-production and overall design.  More videos in the series to come over the next couple of weeks :)

CAL JAM 2018 Recap video

When my friend Woody asked me to film the Foo Fighters at CAL JAM 2018, I jumped on the opportunity and was filled with excitement.  I'm a huge Foo fan and remember listening to their album "The Colour and the Shape" when I was in High School.  It was nostalgic and inspiring to watch them alongside other fantastic bands, so it was definitely an honor to see them post this on their official Youtube channel as well :)

Visual Mixtape with School of Breaking, University of Rock, and Strife TV

This past Spring, I teamed up with my friends at the School of Breaking and University of Rock to create a collaborative video for Strife TV that combines Dance and Live Musical Performance with the genres Hip Hop, Rock, Funk, and Breaks.

Lightning Inn & Splash House Recap Videos

This summer has been very fun :)  I was able to cover the Splash House EDM festival for Rave Train TV and had the pleasure of working with up and coming producer, MSCLS.  

On top of Splash House, I was also able to cover Lightning In A Bottle with the Imagine Nation with a quick tour of their Lightning Inn :)

Updated Infuse Vodka Founders Video

I recently re-shot and edited the Infuse Spirits Founders video to update it with new branding and shots.  I had a blast with the founder, Seth, while we shot this in Las Vegas and also spent a few nights getting the voice over right.  Always a pleasure helping other people and their brands through my video work and love how new shots came out!  

Next up is their "How It's Made" video which will go through all the steps of how Infuse Spirits are made through their unique process.