Creating content for the Vermont College of Fine arts

Traveling to Vermont during the winter was a cold yet delightful excursion. I had a chance to create a series of videos that highlighted the many MFA programs that the Vermont College of Fine Arts has to offer and connect with teachers within those fields. It was fascinating to hear about the low residency programs and the different format that they have for their graduate degrees. Visiting campus only twice a year and studying remotely to earn your Masters in Fine Arts. I learned a lot and made a few friends, it was a pleasure being able to surround myself with intelligent people and passionate artists that are motivated to share their knowledge.

Teaching At Youtube Space LA for their NextUp Program!

Mitchel Dumlao Youtube Next Up 2016

Last week, I had the pleasure of mentoring and teaching content creators for Youtube's NextUp program, which helps channels with 10k subscribers and up get to the next level.   This was all possible through CreatorUp, and I'm happy that I now have the experience and knowledge to help content creators grow on Youtube and other social media platforms, to create long lasting brands and businesses to sustain their passions :)

Now I plan to apply this experience to companies, brands, and individuals who are looking for ways to improve their branding, content creation, social media presence, and digital marketing strategies.  

Taught and Mentored At The Ignite Conference by Voyage Media and CreatorUp!

Had an incredible weekend teaching and mentoring at the Ignite Conference at Ignited Spaces for Voyage Media and CreatorUp!  I was so happy to help other creators with their creative projects and transforming them into revenue generating brands.  Keep creating!