Fun Branded Content for Clack That Fan

I love directing talented artists from all fields of creativity such as the variety of movements that utilize a fan. Always thought of a fan as just another way to cool yourself off on a hot day, yet my friends above have opened my eyes to the various uses of a fan not only for today but also since the ancient days of warfare and self-defense. This is in collaboration with Clack That Fan and I’m delighted to have such an open-minded partner that is interested in expanding their audience into different verticals with diverse content.

Lightning in A Bottle "The Bottle" Recap video

My summer kicked off with an incredible start with a fun project at Lightning In A Bottle with Zach Dragovich and his amazing installation "The Bottle."  My Rave Train team and I filmed a recap video and organized the official afterparties for the installation to bring together the wildest gathering at the festival.

Rave Train Season 2 Trailer!

I'm co-producing a EDM/Rave/Soul Train Youtube series called RAVE TRAIN with my 2 producing partners, Danny Ho and Hugh Hou.  Here is a trailer I edited for our upcoming 2nd Season.  Visit RaveTrain.TV for more info! 

Rave Train has just launched! A new EDM Dance Youtube Series!

The first Episode of RAVE TRAIN has just launched with dubstep/electro DJ, Nathanial Know!  This is a new EDM Youtube series that pairs the industry's best DJ's and producers with incredible dancers.  I co-created, produce, and direct this series with my partners Danny Ho and Hugh Ho.  Learn and watch more here RaveTrain.TV!