Another awesome NextUp Program in the books!

I've had an incredible year of teaching, instructing, and consulting.  From mentoring students at LA Mission College to consulting Ad Agencies for Youtube, I'm grateful to share my experiences and knowledge to those who need it.  One of my favorite programs is Youtube's Nextup program in which I was the co-lead TA and mentor.  I was once again able to help Youtube creators with 10k subscribers and up how to use basic filmmaking techniques to improve their channels.  I've taught and mentored at a total of 3 NextUp programs this year and all of them have been filled with amazing creators that I can now call my friends :)

Mentored in Sao Paulo, Brazil for Youtube's Business Building Workshop

I'm so grateful to have mentored and taught in Sao Paulo, Brazil for Youtube and CreatorUp's business building workshop to teach Brazilian creators how to create businesses out of their channels.  To see creators and experts excited to work together to help build their businesses was absolutely heart-warming and inspirational :)

Taught and Mentored At The Ignite Conference by Voyage Media and CreatorUp!

Had an incredible weekend teaching and mentoring at the Ignite Conference at Ignited Spaces for Voyage Media and CreatorUp!  I was so happy to help other creators with their creative projects and transforming them into revenue generating brands.  Keep creating!

Sign Up for My Free Webinar on Creator Up next week!

Next Wednesday, April 1st at 1PM PST, I will be teaching an online webinar for Creator Up called "How to Work with Brands Without Selling Out"  Sign up and find out how to keep your voice intact while working with big brands!