virtual reality

Taught a 360 Course for Oculus and Digital Promise!

I had the pleasure of teaching an online 360 Video Course for Oculus and Digital Promise's VR FOR GOOD program!  The online course was used to teach instructors how to create 360 videos with ten rising filmmakers who work with ten nonprofits to tell their stories through VR :)  Taught through CreatorUp, the course dived through how to use a 360 camera to how to tell a story through the technology.

I'm A 360/VR Director and Producer, check out my videos!

I've been shooting and editing a lot of 360/VR Content lately with my Ricoh Theta S, from Breakdancing and Wedding Videos, to Behind the Scenes and Travel Videos.  I've also shot on the GoPro Odyssey and will be releasing footage soon.  Want a 360/VR Video or need a director/producer with experience?   Contact me!  I've also been asked to teach an online course on 360/VR Video and am currently consulting companies and individuals on the technology :)