the asylum series

Short narrative piece I directed, produced, and edited for The Asylum!

When I first found my passion in film-making, it was when I borrowed my parents’ camcorder to create a video for my high school Spanish class. From there, I continued to use the camcorder to direct shot pieces and music videos with my family and friends because I loved the feeling of capturing images and audio to tell stories. Fast forward to my college years at UC Santa Barbara, and I began my journey as a filmmaker, learning about the theory of cinema while producing films with my classmates. After graduating, I was pushed into the entertainment industry without any “real world” training on the development, pitching, and general Hollywood industry process so my creative fire began to sizzle out. Grinding out each day to sell scripts, exhausting myself while schmoozing 24/7, and pitching projects I had no creative input on drained me of my passion for cinema and storytelling, until Youtube came along.

I then bought myself a Canon T3i, started filming again, built a Youtube channel around my love for Hip Hop, and cultivated my skills through a lot of trial and error. It was through digital content and media that I found my passion for film-making and storytelling again, and as I expanded my media and marketing business more as an entrepreneur, my skills as an artist also began to enhance as stories are now that best way to captivate and engage an audience.

With that all being said, this is my first narrative short film that I’ve directed with a r crew that I’m very proud of. Our budget, time constraints, and resources were limited and we were still able to create an immense amount of content, including 3 short vignettes that tell the story of The Asylum.

This video is about Hannah Donovan and her first briefing with the Angel, Maggie, who is the Warden of the Asylum and enlists Donovan along with a motley crew of spirits to hunt down 29 dangerous rogue souls that have escaped purgatory. You can read and learn more about the story at and on social media at @theasylum11.

Thanks for watching!

An Instagram Account with a Sci-Fi Story told through content

I’m pleased to announce a new webseries and project that I’m directing, producing, and developing the content strategy on that has a new twist on the idea of purgatory. THE ASYLUM is a story about an organization between heaven and hell that decides whether souls go to heaven or hell. Written by my friend David O’Neil, the story follows a lost soul named Hannah Donovan and her search for her late fiance while taking on the role of soul bounty hunter for the Warden of the Asylum, Maggie.

I’m so happy that I was able to work with a talented crew to create a variety of content on a single shoot day to build a world on Social Media through photos, videos, gifs, and blogs. I’ve always wanted to create a property that transcends traditional media and utilizes the full extent of today’s storytelling platforms that includes digital. I directed and edited this teaser and will be releasing 2 more narrative videos soon so please visity for more info and stay tuned for more content!