Got certified for Sale Enablement through Hubspot!

I'm grateful that Hubspot offers free education online for various topics which are relevant for today's business environment and ever-changing marketing landscape.  Sales Enablement is the process of streamlining the marketing and sales workflow so that MQL's and clients are informed, managed, and educated properly to guide them through a sale and keep them as a satisfied and loyal customer.  The idea of having marketing teams and materials in sync with sales agents and departments allows for a smooth customer journey.  As an entrepreneur, it's hard to fit in an hour a day to learn and watch tutorials, and I've found that it's actually crucial for business owners to sharpen their skills both on their craft and business development.  I'm thanksful to Hubspot for allowing me to learn through their educational platform at no cost while giving me quality education to enhance my knowledge base and skills as a content strategist and consultant.