I'm A 360/VR Director and Producer, check out my videos!

I've been shooting and editing a lot of 360/VR Content lately with my Ricoh Theta S, from Breakdancing and Wedding Videos, to Behind the Scenes and Travel Videos.  I've also shot on the GoPro Odyssey and will be releasing footage soon.  Want a 360/VR Video or need a director/producer with experience?   Contact me!  I've also been asked to teach an online course on 360/VR Video and am currently consulting companies and individuals on the technology :)

My Video Series With Tamila Cosmedics Mist Sprayer!

Here is 1 of 4 videos I shot, directed, and edited for Tamila Cosmedics for their Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer Tamia S-1!  The other videos included instructional content, as well as other videos that outlined the benefits and technology of the products.  Tamila is a company based in Taiwan and is one of the many international clients I work with.